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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my initial consultation cost?


The initial consultation is free. 


Can you guarantee results?


No. Any attorney who tells you that is lying. We can generally make accurate predictions based on experience but every matter is different and often a client’s initial representation of facts may omit critical elements on which the matter may ultimately turn. What we can guarantee is that we will work hard for you and to keep you informed along the way.


Can you offer advice on limiting liability and risk?


Yes. We are frequently called upon to advise clients who are concerned about possible losses because of anticipated claims against them. There are often practical ways to limit financial exposure that involve perfectly legal restructuring of assets and debts.


How long will it take?


It varies greatly with the type of matter we handle for you. Contracts, real estate purchase and sales are relatively quick. Some litigation may span several years.


Can I set up a payment plan?


Yes, depending on the type of matter.


Will you permit me to set the tone of the litigation?


Yes but if we do not agree with your approach, we reserve the right to disappear from your case.


How will I be billed?


There are several billing arrangements depending on the nature of our services. In some types of matters we require a flat fee paid in advance. In others there may be an initial retainer and subsequent payments of fees and costs, based on actual out-of-pocket expenses and time at our hourly rate. In other cases there may be a percentage fee with advancement of costs only until the matter is concluded.

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